About Crazy Coconut’s soul …


 Crazy Coconut  creates vibrant handmade clothes that express their excitement and their real soul.

The brand adores minimal lines with special details in unique custom prints influenced by multicultural ethnic societies and love of colors. Bohemian style and rock vibes complete the collection while special significance invested for the finest quality of fabrics and textures. Most of prints are unique, special designed in Istanbul with high quality textiles and soft and gentle touch.

Crazy Coconut is a new brand formed at 2018 by the greek designer Olga Kaiktsoglou, lover of animals and vegetarian influenced by multiethnic cultures since her origins are from Istanbul and Cappadocia. She adores combining cultural treasures borrowing elements from Eastern, Byzantine and European traditions in order to enrich the collections.

It’s a pleasure to create modern elegant clothes with natural, effortless and dynamic vibes that offer different experiences to each person. We love inspirational women with ethnic sentiments and high esthetics. For us focusing on emotion, detail and soul has a great value. Basic part of Crazy Coconut’s culture is ethic and trust. Fair trade relationships and slow fashion principles are major need and are following in order people to be respected. The time spent in the workshop is invaluable as dealing personally with the details of each cloth is that makes people love it and want to keep.

As Crazy Coconut loves animals and planet, there is a try to focus more and more on sustainable materials till no-one being may be harmed. We enjoy and appreciate all the stages of creation process as each clothe curries the soul and love of the person who has created it and our aim is to create more timeless clothing that may live many years.

Our clothes express their excitement and enjoy each moment.. we invite you to meet them!



Olga Kaiktsoglou  

Founder & Fashion designer    


Co-founder & real soulmate







Long jacket with flowers                   

 Crazy Coconut's part of top and skirt creation